I am starting a new series of Online Zoom lessons

With these first 3 live workshop Zooms, I will bring you back to the roots, SEEING RIGHT!

You will soon realize how it will reflect your drawing and painting!

Towards the end of our 2 1/2 hr zoom session, I will give you the opportunity to share your results with a brief optional critique! 

Come with me on this journey and I will show you my routine! 


If you are already a patron on my PATREON, you will have access to participate in my Live Zooms at no extra cost.

It is included in your monthly tier!

After these mini workshops aired on Patreon, I will make them available for purchase on my Website for $20 each


Visual Languages

Visual languages 1

Live on MARCH 6, 1- 2:30 pm


To recognize a person/object is all about seeing and recognizing shapes!

I see students struggle with painting, but in fact its their drawing that does not add up!

I will show you to trust yourself and becoming more independent of pure measuring and rather recognizing the essence of your subject matter. The act of drawing is very often seen as the first step into art... Unfortunately when you move on to other mediums like acrylics, pastels, watercolors and oils...drawing becomes secondary. Instead it should be part of your routine...


graphite, charcoal and paper

Visual languages 1

Live on May 3, 1- 2:30 pm  PAINTING IN OILS

I will show you how I approach a portrait painting in Oils!

For this Zoom lesson, we are gathering different reference pictures, from magazines or personal pics to create a loose scene, I compare those figures to actors on a stage, who will be part of your screenplay! You will learn how to push color and how to create an interesting piece of art.


...they will be posted soon!

Visual languages 1

Live on APRIL 10, 1- 2:30 pm


I will show you how I approach a portrait painting in Acrylics!

We will work from a photograph as a loose reference to get started. I will demonstrate how I lay down the basic shapes with a limited palette...I will show you how to layer and glaze without loosing the freshness of your work.


Small acrylic primed canvas or board.

Acrylics: Burned sienna, unbleached titanium, yellow ochre, blue (I use ultramarine or cerulean), burnt umber, any white and any black. Airbrush medium & Acrylic glazing liquid (gloss)


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