Starting with the price of a cup of coffee/month

You can become a patron of my art studio!

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 1.37.29 PM.png

Your contribution will be supporting my


that I will launch January 2021!

(detailed program info with names & pics is coming soon) 

I will be supporting teens in their efforts in the arts with:


- Free online mentorship sessions!

 - Free art supplies! 

Please help me to reach my goal of $500!

-  It will also support me with the extra materials needed to air my free livestreams and art demos

as well as the extra content (exclusive art demo videos and lessons) for my Patreon community.



































Check out the different levels of patron ship!
And thank you for becoming a patron of my studio!


As a patron you will get exclusive access


  • My live Studio, where you can see my newest artwork in the progress

  • Watching me sketch, paint and print

  • Watching me prepare for shows, as I stretch & varnish my artwork

  • Who's involved in my studio life operations

  • To see me experimenting 

Valuable inside knowledge about what I've learned in my 30+ years of experience a showing artist and educator,

...with lots of tips & tricks!

Thank you for being there 

and for going on this journey with me.


I appreciate you all!



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