Dear supporters, students and followers!


During these hard times, it’s wonderful to see how people are pulling together

and helping each other out. We are all in this together!

So, I’m am trying my best to see my role as an artist & teacher to help wherever I can,

and to ease the situation with my free live-streams and free classes!


I am also having my younger audience in mind,

students, who continue their education through online schooling,

though the arts, as an important healing tool, are not part of this curriculum. 

I've decided and will try my best, to make my free mini-art-lessons*, starting with sketching,

to be included, at least as an option, in online schooling...wish me luck! 

It’s the kind of work that I love to do, and I will be rewarded with every single download! 


* I just released the first of my mini-art-lessons about sketching, which are free to watch

and downloadable on my Facebook site as well as on my YouTube channel. 



Become an Studio Member


By simply signing up as a member of my art studio, I will make it easy for you, to not miss out on announcements about my work, exhibitions, upcoming workshops, online classes and mentorship sessions.

You will receive a link to my periodical video newsletter/podcasts, where I will share tips, valuable information, developments and special offers!



Become a Studio +Member


Your contribution as part of this membership+, will support me with my studio’s ongoing extra expenses,

like equipment and production of my free videos and clips.


How do I become a + member? It’s easy, there are 2 ways!



1) If you signed up for my 3 month silver membership or any of my 3 or 6 session bundle online-mentorship sessions,

I’m happy to announce, you are already a + member*! 

This also applies to my upcoming live-online-group sessions!                            


2) Or, you can sign up for just $10*. That's a wonderful way, how you can support all those wonderful causes!


But wait, there is more...

With your + membership, you will also be eligible and automatically take part in my give aways!

(1 original art print, limited edition, or 1 original drawing) 

A couple of times a year, I will announced the give away in my newsletter/podcast!

Winners will be announced there as well!

Further more, I will start, making my studio even more accessible for my + members,

with more free live-streams to tune in via zoom!

I’ll let you know how it works in the next couple of weeks!


I know, I gave you lots to think about? 

Stay healthy and creative, and I appreciate every single one of you!





*+membership is valid for 6 months, starting with your sign up.


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